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Feel like your home needs a little sprucing up this season? Or maybe you want to do a little more than merely sprucing? Whether you’re knocking down walls or changing a few throw pillows, these apps can help you achieve your desired aesthetic.

Get inspired Find style inspiration by browsing millions of images and ideas of stunning homes on Pinterest and Houzz. Even if you’re looking for something more specific, you’ll find a world of options.

Sometimes inspiration comes from real life. With ColorSnap® Visualizer, you can virtually paint right above your sofa or any other location. If you like the results, the app will help you establish the exact paint color so you can turn inspiration into reality.

Plan your layout with AR Augmented reality has revolutionized home renovations. Forget scribbling out a floor plan on paper. With Magicplan, simply point your camera around any room to instantly create a professional-looking scale model of your space.

And with TapMeasure’s Quick Measure feature, allowing you to point at a wall or object to measure from one end to the other, there’s no need to carry a measuring tape.

Furnish and add flair Once the hard work is done, it’s time for the fun part: shopping for the beautiful things to make your house feel like home. Browse furniture and accessories or filter your search to something super-specific.

If you peruse the millions of options of Etsy, you’ll find something that perfectly complements your newly designed space.


Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. If you’re looking for a tips & tricks to remodeling a gorgeous kitchen, you’re likely planning the kitchen of your dreams.

Problem is that sometimes when we’re seeing so many ideas and pictures of our dream kitchens, we get confused and overwhelmed. This can lead us to make decisions about remodeling our kitchen that we end up regretting later.

It’s important to have a clear mind about what you not only want, but what is best for your entire household before you start making final decisions about your kitchen remodeling.

This post is going to show you how to avoid any regrets later with your decisions. Below you’ll find 7 tips on building a beautiful and functional kitchen for your home.

#1 – Plan Around Your Family Habits – One of the most important things about kitchen remodeling that people tend to forget about is the fact that they and their family are going to be spending a great deal of time in there.

If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen but not thinking about the kids (and even the family pets) then it could lead to some heartache later. For instance, one simple thing that people don’t consider is the placement of the microwave.

If you have small kids, about the only way they can help themselves in the kitchen is using the microwave. Making sure that the microwave is within reach of your kids is one way to not regret a remodeling decision where they’re calling you in to help every time they’re ready to snack.

You’ll also want to consider your cooking habits, and who does the cooking. Is it a family affair? Is it one person who does most of the cooking? Whoever it is should have a ton of say in where the cooking area is positioned, all the way down to where the cooking utensils are placed.

Bottom line, considering all of this will greatly reduce chances of regret after you’re kitchen remodeling project is finished.

#2 – Plan for Entertaining – Think about your last party(s) you had at your house. I bet a great deal of the time was spent in the kitchen chatting. That’s where people seem to always migrate.

Knowing this allows you to plan for efficient entertaining. For instance, the last thing that you want is to have your back to guests while you’re cooking and preparing the food. Some of the best times can be had in the kitchen sipping wine, snacking on appetizers, while you…the host…prepares the main courses.

Why miss the fun? Plan your kitchen remodeling so that your stove faces the guests using a island design with a cook-top, or at the very least your stove positioned so that you’re sideways facing your guests.

#3 – Think About Lighting – Many people make lighting the after-thought of the kitchen. But it’s extremely important to have the right lighting. In fact not having ample lighting in your kitchen, or the wrong type of lighting (think the blinking strobe light on “Joe VS. The Volcano”) will have you quickly begin regretting the lighting decision on your kitchen remodeling plans.

There are different types of lighting that you’ll want to think about.

First is the task lighting. You’ll want to make sure you have lighting strategically placed over your work areas whether it be your stove or counter tops.

Next you’ll want to plan lighting for the ambiance of your kitchen. Lighting can either make or break the mood of your kitchen instantly. Softer lighting that doesn’t create glare and weird shadowing is something that you’ll want to highly consider.

Also since you want your kitchen to look amazing, it’s also important to think about decorative lighting. If you’re on a tighter budget or working with limited space, then this could coincide with the ambient lighting. You’ll just want to carefully consider your lighting fixtures, while pairing with features like dimmer switches etc.

#4 – Don’t Let Tile Options Get You Down – One of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make when it comes to your kitchen remodeling project is the tile. There are a few different places where tile will be applicable. You’ve got the floor tile, counter top tile, as well as backsplash tile.

The most important thing to think about are the people within your household. For instance if you have children, your choices will obviously be different than if it’s just you, or you and a significant other with no plans of children.

Highly consider safety when it comes to floor tile, and clean up, heat, and durability when it comes to counter and backsplash tile. You’ll be well ahead of the game when it comes to your kitchen remodeling.

#5 – Lose the Clutter with Ample Storage Space – Nothing will have you more annoyed, and regretting your kitchen remodeling choices more than looking around a couple weeks or months later, and realizing your kitchen is cluttered. More specifically…cluttered because of lack of storage space.

These days there are some really innovative ideas for maximizing storage space in even the smallest of kitchens. For instance, where corner areas were basically a huge wasteland when it comes to storage space, can now be utilized with “Lazy Susan” type of shelving. Even better yet with corner drawers. The entire corner actually pulls out. It’s a great use of that space.

Another great thing that can give you a ton more room for storage is utilizing the space under the cabinets for drawers. This is a newer idea that works out great, especially in a smaller kitchen.

#6 – Dress up the Place with Hardware – When you’re planning your kitchen remodeling, the hardware that you choose will be the icing on the cake that finishes up the look you go for.

Choosing hardware can be daunting, simply because there are so many out there. First think about the mood you were trying for in the first place. Were you going for the cottage look, the ultra modern look, or rustic? Once you decide that…you’ll want to think about your lighting fixtures and your appliances.
And then think about endurance. Your hardware is going to get a ton of use. So be mindful of how they’ll hold up over years of use, and hopefully still be appealing.

Narrowing down you choices like this will make it easier so that you’re choosing from a few designs rather than dozens. Whittle down to 3 very different designs so that the favorite will stand out in the forefront as the clear winner.

#7 – Realize that You’re Creating an Investment – Your anxiety of cost will likely play in your mind quite a lot during your kitchen remodeling adventure. One way to ease this will be to understand that remodeling the kitchen is one of the best and surest ways to increase the value of your home.

In a recent National Association of Realtors survey that questioned the top 10 home improvements that affect what home buyers are willing to pay for a home, five out of the ten improvements had to do with the kitchen. So you can rest assured that your kitchen remodeling will do much good when it comes to your home’s value.

And there you have it. Now moving forward, rest assured you’ll avoid the regret bug when it comes to your new kitchen remodeling project.

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When it comes to having a home that you can be ultra proud of, the area of the home that often gets neglected is the bathroom. Since you’re here, looking for the how-to’s on bathroom remodeling, you’re obviously not planning to make that mistake.

Of course we all know that the essence of your bathroom is basically for practical purposes. But why only be practical when you don’t have to. Your bathroom can be just as enjoyable (if not more) as any other room in the home if you play your cards right.

However, one thing that often happens is that homeowners don’t strategically plan out their remodeling. They get caught up and overwhelmed making on-the-fly decisions that they may have second thoughts about later…unfortunately too late.

This blog post is going to help you get through that hurdle. By the time you get through this post, you should have a clearer understanding of what you need to do in order to create the perfect bathroom of your dreams.

#1 – Nothing Matters More Than Your Household’s Habits and Needs – Your main thought in the beginning should be the usage of the bathroom(s) that you’re remodeling. This is the first piece of the puzzle, because while the bathroom doesn’t have to be limited to practicality…practicality still has to be a major part of the decision making.

Many things will affect your choices. The amount and type of people that will be using the bathroom will obviously play a huge role. If you’ve got a family of five for instance, with one bathroom, then practicality may just rule the day. However if you’re planning for bathroom remodeling for your own bathroom where the parents will predominantly be using it, then you have much more liberty.

In fact in this case you can totally transform your bathroom into a full on do-it-yourself spa treatment.

Whatever you choose to do, being realistic about how the bathroom will be used…ahead of time…will be huge in your happiness factor when it comes to your bathroom remodeling decisions.

#2 – Design for Comfort and Relaxation – Your bathroom is the one room in the house where it’s acceptable to always lock the door. If you’re a busy parent, it could very well be your only chance for peace and quiet. If you’re not a parent, but work hard long hours, then it will be the one time of your day where you may get to unwind.

Therefore, why not make it a sanctuary that you can actually enjoy. Using natural stone type tiles, along with earth tones, you can create a spa look and feel. Accompany that with the newer types of jacuzzi style baths, and spa type steam showers, and you can create the entire effect of total and pure relaxation.

#3 – Think Space – Your bathroom has the potential of becoming very cluttered. Towels and wash cloths, make-up, lotions, shampoo and conditioner bottles, tooth paste, etc. without a place end up surrounding the bathroom sink, or scattered across the vanity.

The last thing that you want to do is remodel your bathroom and then realize that you’ve created nothing but a mess for yourself.

At the same time, the last thing that you want to do is to reduce your floor space and elbow room in your bathroom. It’s important to find that happy medium where you have room for everything and enough elbow-room to move around. There are plenty of ways these days that you can create tons of storage space while at the same time increasing your space (or at least the perceived space).

For instance, utilizing floor to ceiling glass doors will increase the depth of your bathroom, making it appear much larger than it is. You may opt to get rid of the tub and only utilize a shower. There are ways to still relax while getting clean, such as utilizing a bench in the shower, and even installing rainfall types of shower heads to give you extra water coverage.

At the same time, utilizing innovative storage space such as storage cabinets, storage towers, and storage ladders can help you keep most of your space, while also enjoying the extra space to save on clutter.

#4 – Create the Ambiance With Savvy Tile Selection – The truth is that the tile that you have in your bathroom can make or break the entire look and feel of the room. Picking the right tile will give you happiness for years and years to come. Choosing the wrong style, color, or texture can make you miserable for years. So you must plan and choose wisely.

Again, think about who will be using the bathroom. You’ll want to consider safety and slippage when it comes to choosing floor tile. If you have kids, then this is of the utmost importance.

Lighter tile can make a smaller bathroom appear and feel larger. Just as well, smaller tile will have the same affect. Combine both and you’ve got a larger bathroom without moving anything.

Ceramic tile has been the go-to tile for years, but now natural stone is used. Either is good because it will almost universally and timelessly be in style. Either way, just choose a tile that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

#5 – Light Matters in the Bathroom – Don’t assume that you have to go with the regular ole scone lighting fixtures when it comes to your bathroom. Just as well don’t feel like you’ve got to be constrained to one center light that does all the work for your entire bathroom.

Your bathroom lighting will have particular areas and tasks. You’ll have your vanity lighting, which should be sufficient so that you can see what you’re doing when getting yourself ready, and making yourself look good.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you could add a whole different level of lighting for shower areas, or simply for the ambiance of your bathroom as well.

Also don’t forget about decorative lighting. These days…for larger bathrooms, or smaller bathrooms with higher ceilings even, you can use chandelier type lighting fixtures to create the look of luxury in a room that’s usually not associated with that type of luxury. It will definitely make an impression however.

#6 – Fixtures, Faucets, and Hardware to Finish Things Off – Once all the new cabinetry is in, and the sink is, then you’ll want to top everything off with a cherry.

In the case of your bathroom, that cherry is the fixtures, faucets, and cabinet hardware.

This is again where considering the usage of the bathroom is going to matter a great deal. For instance, if you’ve got a family type of bathroom, where there will be tons of traffic, then when it comes to faucets and fixtures you may want to choose a brushed type of copper or chrome rather than a polished.

Polished will show each every little spot and water stain that ends up on them. Upkeep will be much easier with brushed. However, if it’s a bathroom that acts as a master bathroom, then you can get away with using the fancier looking polished materials.

#7 – Extra’s You May Not Think About – These days, there’s really no limit to how fancy and cool you can make your bathroom. For instance, you’ve got choices spanning everything from televisions in the bathroom (with surround sound).

Steam showers and saunas are also being installed at record numbers as people are going for the spa look. In larger bathrooms treadmills, and stationary bikes are also getting to be more and more frequent, so that you can exercise and head straight over to the shower (or jacuzzi) and watch TV. The options are limitless in this day and age.

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We’re excited to announce we’ve won a Best of Houzz award for the 4th year in a row! Our company was chosen by more than 25 million users from the Houzz community from among more than 500,000 active home building, remodeling, and design industry professionals. The Best of Houzz award for Service is based upon a variety of factors, including the number and quality of great reviews we received from clients in the past year. So couldn’t have done this without you!

Having earned the 2016 Best of Houzz badge, makes us one of very few companies to achieve this honor for so many consecutive years. Thanks for all of your support in helping us accomplish this – we work hard for our clients every day and it’s an inspiration to be recognized!

With that, we’re looking forward to another fantastic year helping Philadelphia-area residents make their remodeling dreams a reality. If you’d like to see some beautiful photos of our work, be sure to explore our profile on Houzz.

As a home owner, you’re in constant project mode. Sitting on your couch after a long day, you inevitably start gazing around the house, looking for projects that you could check off your list.

There are no doubt things that you’ve always wanted to change about your home. The fact that you’re reading this blog post says that you’re ready. You’re ready to make improvements to your home, and finally have the finished project that you’ve always dreamed about.

The best thing is that with interior design projects throughout the home, you can do it in piecemeal if you wish, or you can go full out and do everything at once. The most important thing is that the end result, whether it’s one shot or spread out…is a home that you’re happy with and proud of.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do, and when to start because you get stuck in analysis paralysis.

By the end of this blog post you should be much closer to pulling the trigger and getting at least one of your interior design projects started.

#1 – Kitchen Design Tips – The kitchen is usually the hub of the home. It’s got an almost magnetic appeal to both household members, as well as guests. Therefore many people start their interior design planning in this area of the home.

Many improvements that you can make in the kitchen that can make a significant difference in not just the look of your home, but the value of your home as well.

New appliances, cabinets, and floor design are all major changes that will give you a totally new kitchen, and give you the opportunity to start from scratch and create the kitchen that you’ve always wanted.

That being said, simply adding a new paint scheme, refinishing cabinets, or adding new tile can make huge differences, with a smaller expense.

It’s vitally important that before you start your interior design planning, that you take into great consideration the habits of your household. Not doing this can lead to much heartache later.

#2 – Bathroom Interior Design Tips – You spend much more time in your bathroom than you might think. It’s your own private area where you can finally relax and unwind for the day.

Many people are not happy with their bathroom, but they’ll leave it the way it is simply because it’s just a room of practical nature.

Once you explore interior design changes that you can make, then you’ll begin to realize the significant difference that a bathroom that you absolutely love can make in the enjoyment of your home.

Adding an updated shower or tub can have significant effects. Innovative designs have changed the way we spend time in our bathrooms. Even simple changes like shower heads that spread a wide rain type of spray across the shower can make a difference.

If you’re dealing with a small bathroom that you feel you can do nothing with, then simply removing the tub, and installing a shower with glass doors can give you the affect of tons of new space.

Don’t forget about the effect that tile can have. Creating a spa atmosphere with stone type tile, or a crisp clean look with ultra white tile, can bring about the bathroom interior design changes that you’ve always wanted.

#3 – Living Room Design Tips – Living rooms are a huge part of the home. It’s the entertaining capital of your home. You wind your day down often in the living room in front of the television. Yet if you’re not happy with the design elements of your living room, that relaxation could be stymied.

Changing the color of your living room can totally change the mood. Just as well, the flooring in your living room has a profound look on the overall feel. Removing carpet and adding hardwood instead (light or dark) can give your home a more open feel. At the same time, going from wood floors to carpet can add a comfort that you may have been missing.

Your entertainment center is a major part of your living room. A wide screen television built into the wall can make a great change, as well as running wires through a wall to hide the cluttered look.

Other smaller but significant changes like molding and baseboards can be the icing on the cake in this important room.

#4 – Dining Room Design Tips – Your dining room can either be a room that gets heavy daily use, or like many it can be severely neglected. It depends on your family’s eating habits. Either way, you want a dining room that brings joy and comfort.

It’s important to first establish the look you’re after. Do you like a more traditional dining area, a modern dining room, or a sort of transitional feel? Once you know this certain changes can begin to come together.

Color changes make a huge difference the dining room and can be your chance to get creative. Getting the best use of space can be a challenge for many people. China cabinets, wine rack, etc. all compete for space. Solutions like built in cabinets can earn you elbow room and a freeing openess. Even little tricks like mirrors along one wall can go a long way for gaining perceived space.

#5 – Getting Through the Color Fiasco – Color sets the mood. This is why when choosing a color for a room you don’t have to get all up in arms and stressed. You simply have to make a decision about what mood each room is supposed to bring. You can then work off that, and then mix and match accordingly.

Generally you’ll want a relaxed feel in most areas of the home, so softer colors are always good for living rooms, and bedrooms. A dining room or kitchen could be a mix of soft colors and brighter splashes of color to raise creativity and stimulate socializing.

Color has great affect on mood and psychological triggers. Understanding first the mood you’re after before choosing your color scheme will make a huge difference in your stress over your choices for your interior design project.

One important aspect to keep in mind when deciding on colors and making the choices is the lighting in a room. Lighting will affect your colors. Your truest color will be in natural daylight, while different lighting types (incandescent vs. fluorescent for instance) will bring different shades and hues of your chosen colors out, which may change the entire affect. So you’ll want to test in the type of light that you have. Unless you’re doing a full-on remodeling job, then you can change your lighting around your color choice.

#6 – Fixing Up the Basement – Basements can often be one of the funnest rooms in the home for interior design. The reason is that it can be considered the mad room. You can basically create any space that you want down there.

You can turn it into a man cave, an office space, kids playroom, or a second apartment even. The choices are endless.

A couple of things that you may want to think about however are color and light. There’s obviously not going to be sunlight coming through so you’ll likely want lighter colors and plenty of light. Carpeting must also be resilient because you always risk flooding in this area.

#7 – Keep in Mind…Your Interior Design Project Increases Your Home’s Value – It’s no secret that when you make improvements to your home, you increase it’s value. Even little things can make a huge difference.

Some of the things we’ve talked about like painting, new lighting, new fixtures, opening space in the bathroom, and creating a dreamy kitchen can have a profound affect on the value of your home.

Many people get anxiety over the cost of their interior design project. However, if you do things correctly, and plan strategically, you’ll almost always recoup or profit from your investment. At the same time, you’ll be increasing the enjoyment you experience in your home, which can be priceless.

We can only hope that you now have a much better idea of where you’ll want to start your first interior design project.

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Yorktowne CabinetryEffective July 29, 2014, Yorktowne will stop production of their existing cabinetry line! The new product launch will be completely different and will not match any of the existing styles or colors. All replacement parts and additional parts that you need MUST be ordered by July 29 in order to match your existing kitchen or bath cabinetry.

Yorktowne was the exclusive provider of cabinetry for all homes by The Toll Brothers Company, so if your home is a Toll Brothers Home you’ll want to contact us immediately.

We are totally prepared for the influx of cabinet and parts orders! We welcome all previous and current customers of Yorktowne to call us to handle all of your cabinetry needs.

Please contact us today for a free Yorktowne brochure and a link to the current product catalog so we can help you expedite your orders as soon as possible.

Our showroom personnel is available to help you complete your orders ASAP and avoid the expected increase of volume due to the unexpected closing of this product line.

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When it comes to remodeling your home, there’s much more to plan for than meets the eye. There are hundreds of remodeling companies out there that claim to be the best, but is it really a remodeling company that you want? These days it takes more than just a good remodeling company to complete a home renovation or remodeling project. Customers want something that’s 100% custom designed and created for them alone. That’s why these days a remodeling company simply won’t do. If you want the best-possible finished product, you’ll need to find a designer, too.

What’s the difference between a designer and a remodeler, you ask? There are some really important distinctions between designers and remodelers that can make (or break) the result of your remodeling project, we’ve laid them out for you below.

If your’e planning something as intimate as a home building or remodeling project, it’s important to think of how the design and functionality will work with the personality of your household, both short term and long term. Not knocking remodelers or general contractors, but their goal is usually to satisfy their client’s requests in the most simple and straightforward way possible. Usually, this includes sending the client to their local cabinet or plumbing supplier to pick out fixtures, accents, and other necessaries in the style that they like. While this is a surefire way to use building materials that the client approves of, the client’s choices may not be the best fit for the project.

On the other hand, designers will sit down with their client, get a full vision and scope of the project, and produce a design that addresses both functionality and aesthetics. A good designer will be well-versed in design principles, have a real knack for knowing their client’s style, and be able to blend it all together into a well-built finished product.

Experienced designers know all the tricks, which will end up saving you time and money. With superior storage-maximizing skills and the ability to head off potential problems at the pass, a good designer is worth their weight in gold. They can give you smart substitutions for high-end building materials, recommend specialists for certain jobs, and most importantly work within your budget.

The average remodeling company may subcontract-out parts of their jobs, which can result in subpar workmanship and increased costs. Or, even worse, the company may have no sense of design and build a remodel that’s both non-functional and unable to resell. Remember this rule of thumb: in the current real estate market, you should be able to recuperate between 87 percent and 125 percent of your investment when remodeling.

Ideally, no matter what budget you’re working with or type of remodel you want to have done, the company you choose for your next remodeling project should be skilled at both design and construction.

If there’s anything the French know a thing or two about, it’s food. Historically, the French are guardians of the Western world’s palate, serving up delicious fare over the centuries from well-appointed kitchens. So it should come as no surprise that French style kitchens have become popular for those considering remodels. Perhaps we’re hoping some of that gastronomic magic is going to rub off on us.

Let’s look closer at the signature elements that pull together a French cuisine look in the modern home. Whether it’s a rustic, contemporary or historically inspired kitchen, they will all have a certain elegance and sophistication marking them out as truly French.

Classy cabinets

The cabinetry in French inspired kitchens tends to echo furniture style; think smooth lines with intricate detail here and there. Classic dark wood finishes or painted, distressed effects are equally popular. Handles and fittings are often highly detailed iron pieces that give a suggestion of antiquity whilst being strong and practical too. Traditional shapes and designs with Baroque and Renaissance cues underline the French theme, appearing sophisticated and restrained.

French floors

A stone floor is a typical French kitchen ingredient. Fortunately, we have modern methods and alternative materials that shield our feet from the icy surfaces of limestone, marble or slate. For an authentic look, choose large scale flagstones with charmingly irregular surfaces. Such authenticity comes at a price, so it’s good to know antiqued oak floorboards or reproduction engineered timber make suitable alternatives.

Décor details

Other elements that place a kitchen firmly in French territory are the inclusion of a farmhouse sink in traditional white; a large cooking range, preferably with dramatic and ornate overhead mantle; and lots of timeless and quality materials that mature beautifully over time. Counter tops in marble, granite and soapstone all suit this style well, or for a more rustic flavor sealed hardwood surfaces look warm and inviting.

Pastel palette

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so they need to be pleasurable places to be. A bright and warm kitchen decorated with pastel shades is perfect for the French look. Creams and muted blues teamed together look stylish, as do darker colored floors against ivory cabinetry. Keep window treatments stylish and simple with wooden plantation shutters – not only are they beautiful, they are supremely practical in a busy kitchen.

Furniture in French

Give a dining area in a French kitchen a casual ambiance by using wicker Parisian Brasserie chairs matched with a glass-topped table. For a more formal approach, hunt down elegant French antique dining sets with sumptuously upholstered seats and finely turned legs. A nice touch in large family kitchens is a corner for a chaise longue, a comfortable place for flopping down and relaxing after a long day.

Finishing touches

Choose accessories such as gleaming copper jam pans and jugs which look magnificent suspended overhead from wrought iron racks. Flea market finds and brocante bargains add authenticity. Look out for antique light fittings, classic French porcelain, lace table linens and traditional enameled advertising signage for maximum impact.

For a style that satisfies the need for practicality along with sophisticated elegance, French kitchens really take some beating. Why not take a look and see what delicious designs are on the menu?

After washing the breakfast dishes this morning with the same leaky faucet you’ve been putting off changing, or when you finished brushing your teeth while getting ready for work with your outdated looking fixtures, you probably thought to yourself, “It’s time.”

Plumbing fixtures, and in particular, faucets, are both functional and stylish pieces of your kitchen and bathroom. And when they are leaky or malfunctioning, you’re losing more than just your patience. You’re literally letting your hard-earned money drip right down the drain.

You’ve finally reached the point where you’ve decided to change your faucet. Now you need to know the basics so you can make the right decision when choosing your new faucet and plumbing fixtures.

1. Buy your faucet at your local plumbing fixture showroom.

Going to your local hardware store or big box chain is most likely not going to help you find the quality or style of kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet you’re looking for. The best place to look for your faucet is at your local plumbing fixture store, where you can make a well-informed purchase with the help of expert and knowledgeable staff in this industry. Although it may be more expensive, they will most likely have exactly what you’re searching for because they specialize in faucets and plumbing fixtures. Renaissance Kitchen and Home can offer you exceptional products while staying within your budget. They will help you find the right bathroom or kitchen faucet for you.

2. Have correct measurements when picking out your faucet.

Make sure to measure your existing fixture before you leave the house by writing down its height and depth. You don’t want your new faucet to hit the windowsill or be too close to the back of the sink.

Next, make a note of how many hole cutouts there are for the fixture. Is it a single hole, or a triple hole? If your faucet has a spout and lever all in one, then you have a single-hole fixture. If your faucet has a spout and hot and cold levers, then you have a triple-hole fixture. You can always change from a triple-hole fixture to a single-hole easily. All you need to do is add a base plate to the fixture. Renaissance Kitchen and Home can explain the whole process to you and help you get the look you want.

3. Know the style & function before picking your new faucet.

Do you want a kitchen faucet that turns on with the touch of your hand (or elbow, or wrist)? Do you want one that pulls out and can spray your kitchen sink clean? Do you want stylish levers for your bathroom faucet or something more straightforward and modern? Make sure you have an idea of what you want before you walk into the showroom. Once there, the staff will show you all of the options that fit both your requirements and tastes. Choosing the right faucet for your kitchen or bathroom may not be easy, but you can rest assured that going to a plumbing showroom will provide you with the best plumbing fixtures in both quality and style. And that will help ensure that you will enjoy your faucet for many years to come.

You may think it’s elementary, but safety in the kitchen is an essential part of our everyday life. Here are a few kitchen safety tips to make sure you follow during your kitchen remodeling process.

With 40 guidelines for kitchen planning, the Kitchen and Bath Association has stressed the need for safety in the design and planning of kitchen spaces. When beginning a kitchen remodeling project, or bathroom renovations project for that matter, there are certain elements of design that must be adhered to.

1. Installing ground floor circuit interrupters on all receptacles in the kitchen.
2. Making sure a fire extinguisher is visibly located in the kitchen, away from cooking equipment and is 15″ to 48″ above the floor. Many people put the fire extinguisher on the back of the cooktop or in hard-to-reach places. This results in many range-related cooking fires.
3. If you have children, child-proof your cabinets by putting latches and hooks on all kitchen cupboards, especially ones that keep the cleaning supplies, chemicals, and fluids.
4. Try not to place cookies or candy over top of ranges. This will reduce the attraction of kids who will try to get these snacks without thinking about the consequences.
5. The cooking surface or cooktop in the kitchen should not be placed below an operable window unless the window is 3″ or more behind the appliance. Make sure the window does not have flammable window curtains or other window treatments. They could easily catch fire if a grease splatter occurs or if the cooktop is left unattended.

By following some of these simple guidelines during the renovation of your kitchen or bathroom, your new space can be a safe and relaxing place for you and your family.