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If there’s one thing that you know as Chester County PA resident, is that this is a darned big county.

Not only big, it’s vast, and even though in an area that strikingly close to Philly in some spots…it’s quite open. There’s breathing room in Chester County.

Those not from Chester County probably got the best look at this great county on “Marley and Me” when the family high-tailed it out of Florida for easier living in Chadds Ford, PA. This is a great part of Chester County, and Marley’s family was right. It’s exceptional living there.

But the entire county is a place that we at this Chester County PA Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling company are more than happy to serve.

This is a moderately high-income area. There are approximately 150,000 homes in this county, and if there’s one thing that nearly all homeowners have in common, is that the kitchen and the bathroom are the two most important areas of the home.

Chester County PA Kitchen Remodeling – How Important Is Your Kitchen?

It’s said that most often, a kitchen will sell the home. It used to be wives, but we all know that times have changed, and both genders love using the kitchen nearly equally.

The kitchen is where everyone gravitates. It could be the food aspect, but at this Chester County kitchen remodeling company we tend to think it goes deeper than that. Your kitchen is the area in your home where memories are created.

From cooking with spouses, children, or extended family on holidays, the kitchen is also the place where many traditions are established and carried out year after year. This locks in the fact that your kitchen must be designed in a way that you can have function but also where you can act as a great host.

Having a kitchen that you can go to, entertain guests, enjoy family dinners, nourish and teach your children in is vital to nearly any family’s happiness and memories. So remodeling and redesigning a kitchen that you can be excited about going into each day is very important.

Chester County PA Bathroom Remodeling – Creating the Bathroom That Relaxes You…

When you’re from a town in Chester County, then you’re a hard worker. You’re earning your money each and every single day. Your busting your hump. And when you come home, it’s the bathroom that many of us go home to relax in. Therefore having a bathroom that you can truly relax in is important for your happiness whether you realize it or not.

Too many people tend to underestimate the bathroom as an important part of the home. This is where we go to gather our thoughts and do a wit rebound. Of course we do the obvious in the bathroom, but we also spend a great deal of time on other things. Therefore it’s important that you look at your bathroom as a piece of the home that you can’t ignore.

This Chester County bathroom remodeling company wants to help you create that atmosphere in your bathroom, and give you a place to feel solace, and be able to reflect on your day in peace.

Chester County Awesomeness That Has Nothing To Do With Either Your Kitchen or Your Bathroom…

• If you’re an avid outdoors fanatic, then you’ve probably been to St. Peter’s Village Hiking Area. If you haven’t, then you should really try to get there. It’s a great time for the whole family, and one of the great experiences that you children will remember is taking a horse on one of the many great trails that they have in the park. You could then top off your hike with a nice drink on the deck at St. Peter’s Inn.

• A staple of Pennsylvania is Herr’s, the snack company. One of the perks of living in Chester County PA is that you’ve got the Herr’s factory right there in Nottingham, PA. If you’ve never toured the factory, it’s something that you and your children will love…or it could even make a great first date that they’ll never forget. You can dig into some of the freebies as well, which is always a plus.

• Speaking of dates, if you want a nice relaxing time with no kids, then you should head over to Chadds Ford Winery (in Chadds Ford of course) on Friday nights. You can enjoy an outdoor concert while you sip on some wine with your significant other. It’s a great time to bring back that spark. This Chester County Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling company think it might be time for us to get away to this winery as well.

Looking for a Chester County PA Kitchen Remodeling Company?

Here are the things that you MUST keep in mind when remodeling your kitchen…

• Be sure to choose a design configuration that you’ll like for a long time. Don’t make the mistake of trying out a trend. Trends come and go, not only in a social aspect, but for your own mind as well. So go with something that will be timeless for YOU so that in 2 years from now you don’t find yourself looking around your kitchen hating it all over again…

• Keep lighting in mind. Lighting makes a huge difference not only for the mood of your kitchen, but for the functionality. There’s nothing worse than trying to cook, or entertain in bad… or worse yet…depressing light! The designers at our Chester County kitchen remodeling company will walk you through the process so that you can ensure you’re getting the best lighting possible…

• Don’t forget about your tile. Both the tile for your counter backdrops as well as your floor tile can completely make or break your entire design. Think about comfort, mood, and upkeep as well. Don’t forget that you’ll have to clean that tile, so make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

…Or Are You In the Market for a Chester County PA Bathroom Remodeling Company?

• One aspect of remodeling your bathroom that you may not realize is so important is storage space. There’s nothing worse than clutter in a bathroom. It will ruin everything no matter how beautiful your design aspects are. Make sure that you work with our Chester County bathroom remodeling designers to plan out your storage solutions well before you start the remodeling process…

• Don’t forget about what USED to be the most important part of the bathroom (okay, it still is) which is the toilet. Believe it or not, toilets have come a long way. There are tons of different designs as well as tons of functionality features to the new toilets. Toasty seats can be one of them. Let our designers walk you through all of the options.

• The plumbing fixtures in your bathroom will make a huge difference. Faucets, handles, and even the hardware on cabinetry will play a huge role in polishing off the look that you’re going after. Be sure to consider your lifestyle, and the traffic in your bathroom before choosing these options. Again our Chester County bathroom remodeling design team can help you sort all of this out.

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