How To Remodel Your Kitchen with Young Children in Mind

How To Remodel Your Kitchen with Young Children in Mind

A gourmet kitchen is certainly appealing to many homeowners, but what happens when there is a house full of kids?  Since the kitchen is often the heart of the home, it is important that the kitchen be a space that works for the hectic daily lives of the entire family.  This means accommodating everyone – kids that might make their own snacks, parents that will need space to organize dinner, and even pets that may eat inside!

When it comes to remodeling the kitchen, the real value comes from planning the space and improving how the room functions in everyday life.  This goes from choosing the right sort of cabinetry to the furniture.  And just remember that kids grow up, so the kitchen remodel should last for the next ten years, so versatility and adaptability are essential.

Tackling the kitchen

It may very well be that the kitchen is one of the toughest rooms in the home to renovate.  It is a project that creates an inconvenience and mess unlike any other room in the home.  What this means is that a clear plan is absolutely essential.  It is a good idea to make well thought out decisions before starting – from the types of appliances to cabinet hardware. Minimizing disruption to the household is always the best way to go.

As most homeowners know, kitchens aren’t always the safest place for kids – boiling water, hot surfaces, and sharp objects all make adults advise the children to keep away.  However, kitchens are also a place for the whole family, a room in which kids can learn how to cook, do their homework, and spend time with the rest of the family.

Designing a stylish kid-friendly kitchen

A kitchen renovated with kids in mind can still be sleek and stylish.  The first thing to think about is ensuring a clear work surface for both kids and adults to work.  A majority of the countertops should be at waist height of adults, but it’s nice to have a separate, lower counter space for the kids – with rounded edges of course.  Or, consider building a breakfast bar for that added workspace and a place for the kids to have snacks.  Extending dining tables are also an excellent alternative to mobile baking stations or kitchen islands.

Storage is another aspect of a kid-friendly kitchen.  Be sure to incorporate a series of drawers that kids can reach that are filled with fun utensils, plastic bowls, and other items that they can use when it is their turn to help prepare meals.  Get the kids even more interested in the idea of being in the kitchen and having fresh food by ensuring access to a low, wide windowsill where they can tend their very own little herb gardens.

Finishing touches

A kitchen that works equally for both kids and adults should feature durable, hardwearing worktops, easy-to-clean surfaces, and fun accents.  Consider chalkboard paint on an accent wall for grocery lists, messages, and kids’ drawings.   For seating, select barstools that are not only stylish but also safe for kids and won’t topple over as they climb up.  Just remember, designing a family-friendly kitchen is in the small details.

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