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Main Line Philadelphia Flooring

Not happy with the flooring in your home? If you’re looking for a Main Line flooring company, then you’ve found the right place. Here at Renaissance Kitchen and Home we’re dedicated to fulfilling clients wishes of an ultimate home by redesigning and rebuilding kitchens, bathrooms, and virtually any area of the home that will help lead to that goal of a dream home.

A major part of that is the flooring of the home. It means so much to the first total impression. As soon as someone walks into a Main Line home, they notice the flooring. This can make a huge impression on visitors as well as on your happiness and enjoyment. Our Main Line Philadelphia flooring specialists understand the importance of this, and so take great care in helping you choose the best flooring for any and every area of your home.

Main Line Philadelphia Tile Flooring

When it comes to tile flooring, there are tons of choices to be made. One of the most common type of flooring, especially for kitchens and bathrooms are tile flooring. However tile flooring is by no means only limited to those areas of the home.

That being said, the types of popular Main Line tile flooring choices and ideas are plentiful. The homes in the Main Line area are as diverse as the people. Here are some of the popular choices of flooring for Main Line homes…

• Ceramic Tile Flooring…
• Laminate Tile Flooring…
• Wood Tile Flooring…
• Porcelain Tile Flooring…
• Marble Tile Flooring…
• Slate Tile Flooring…
• Cork Tile Flooring…
• Vinyl Tile Flooring…
• And More…

When you call Renaissance, our experts will walk you through your tile floor plans, and get you moving ahead with the perfect design, ready for our Main Line flooring experts to come in and literally transform your home before your eyes.

Give us a call now to take care of your Main Line flooring needs: (215) 542-5000

Main Line Philadelphia Marble Tile Flooring

No type of tile demonstrates that you’ve got class and style like marble tile in a home. No matter which room of your Main Line home you install your marble tile, you immediately set a tone of elegance.

While looks are obviously important, it’s not the only reason to choose marble tile flooring. It’s a great surface for capturing light. When light hits marble, it reflects throughout the entire room, and gives your floor a glow that can’t be ignored.

Marble tile flooring will also give your home personality. This is because each tile is different with it’s own unique pattern. This pattern then flows naturally along the floor, and the entire room takes on it’s own personality without being uniform and boring.

This is not to mention that this is one of the easiest to clean surfaces available. Wiping your Main Line marble tile floor with water is about all you need for a continuous shine.

Our experienced Main Line marble flooring experts can help give you the perfect floor that you’ve always wanted.

Main Line Philadelphia Stone Flooring

If you’re looking to stay with the natural look, but not quite a fan of the more luxurious look… then you can go with the more rustic looking stone flooring. Stone is great because it’s highly durable, and it’s resistant to water. It’s actually quite easy to keep clean, and even if you have a moment where you’re more lax with your Main Line stone flooring, the dirt and dust doesn’t show up well.

You have plenty of choices for stone flooring for a Main Line home, including but not limited to:

• Limestone
• Marble
• Slate
• Travertine
• And much more…

Our Main Line stone flooring specialists realize that choosing the best stone for your home isn’t always simple. This is why we help you every step of the way. Whether it’s for your living room, kitchen, or bathroom, patio, or even walk way…we’ll help you choose the right look and texture.

Main Line PA Carpeting

When it comes to comfort, it’s really hard to beat carpeting. Carpeting for Main Line homes brings about a cozy feel, especially since the Main Line area features rather chilly Autumn, Spring, and Summer seasons. Carpeting can keep the home feeling warmer both in temperature as well as look and feel.

The one great aspect of carpeting is that it gives you a vast choice of coloring. When it comes to installing carpet, our Main Line carpeting experts can help you choose the best color for your carpet so that it matches the rest of the décor.

Many people think that carpet is confined to living rooms and bedrooms, but the fact is that Renaissance Kitchen and Home installs carpet more than you would think in both kitchens and bathrooms, as well as basements and outdoor areas.

It just takes being selective about the type of carpeting you use. Our Main Line carpet installers can help you choose the best for the area that you’re carpeting.

Main Line Philly Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a very popular choice for Main Line homes. It’s timeless, it’s classic, and it’s durable. Our Main Line hardwood flooring experts have installed these floors in almost every area of the home, and each and every time we’re impressed by how much a fresh clean hardwood floor can transform a home.

When visitors walk into your home, the first impression will always be positive. Hardwood has a universal appeal, which also allows you a variety of decorating choices. Furthermore when installing hardwood flooring in a Main Line home, you’re giving yourself a break, being that hard wood is so easy to keep clean and fresh.

Our Main Line hardwood flooring company will help you decide on the best material and color for your floor which best fits your tastes, and your family’s lifestyle and habits.

Main Line Philadelphia Laminate Flooring

If you love the look of wood flooring, but are on a bit of strict budget…or you simply want the easier care than wood flooring offers…then our experts at Renaissance would point you toward laminate flooring. Our Main Line Laminate flooring installers love how durable laminate flooring is. It looks as good as wood flooring, while being comfortable as well.

While laminate flooring is a less expensive version of wood flooring, the truth is that there’s not a lot of difference in the function of this floor. It’ll leave a great impression on guests, and give you the floor that you’ve been wanting.

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