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Montgomery County PA Flooring

Thinking about changing the flooring of your home? If you’re ready to make a change or upgrade that will add huge value to your home, then you’ve landed in the right spot. Flooring makes a huge impact on the impression people get when walking into your home,. Our Montgomery County Pennsylvania flooring experts can help you decide on the best flooring options for you, as well as install it professionally.

Here at Renaissance Kitchen and Home, we’ve become the go-to company for those looking to redesign, remodel, and upgrade their homes for the past 25 years in your area. Flooring is a vital part of the looks and feel of any section of your home. Our Montgomery County PA flooring experts want to help you get it right the very first time. While flooring is often the type of investment that will garner you a great return on your investment when it comes time to sell your home, it’s also an element of your home that’s going to add to the joy that you experience on a day-to-day basis.

Montgomery County PA Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is a popular choice among homeowners in Montgomery County. This is because of it’s great durability for high traffic, its ease of cleaning, and it’s resistance to water and steam for kitchens and baths. However you’ve got to choose the correct tile for the specific location of your home. There are various types of tile flooring for Montgomery County PA residents to choose from, including but not limited to:

• Ceramic Tile Flooring…
• Marble Tile Flooring…
• Porcelain Tile Flooring…
• Wood Tile Flooring…
• Slate Tile Flooring…
• Cork Tile Flooring…
• Laminate Tile Flooring…
• Vinyl Tile Flooring…
• And More…

Our Montgomery County tile floor installers here at Renaissance want you to have the perfect tile flooring in Montgomery County. Our number one goal is your happiness. This is why we spend time to help you choose the best floor tile for your Montgomery County home, as well as guarantee our work once our professional crews install it for you.

We know you’re ready and excited to get your Montgomery County PA flooring project started. Give us a call now at (215) 542-5000.

Montgomery County PA Marble Tile Flooring

If you’re looking for the type of flooring that screams style, class, and elegance… then you cannot go wrong with marble tile flooring in Montgomery County. This style instantly makes a huge impression on guests as they walk into your home. Marble flooring is generally thought of as a style for kitchens and baths, but it can be used in virtually any area of the home. Home entrances, hallways and paths, and we’ve seen marble work well plenty of times with living rooms and bedrooms when selected carefully. Using rugs also accentuates the look and feel of luxury when using marble tile flooring. It simply spells elegance.

Our Montgomery County Marble flooring experts at Renaissance are here to help you choose the best marble tiles for your home which will best go with the room and décor of your home.

People love the fact that this tile surface is so easy to clean and care for. It’s also a great reflector of light radiating style throughout the entire room. Plus it’s natural patterns give the rooms of your home a mesmerizing flow. Each tile has it’s own pattern and therefore your floor patterns will be absolutely unique from any floor in the world.

Montgomery County PA Stone Flooring

Many people in the Montgomery County Pennsylvania area are going for the rustic and natural look of stone flooring. This is a surface that’s durable and easy to maintain. Even more so than marble tile, stone tile can go in virtually any area of the home that you choose and it’ll set a timeless characteristic to the room. Some of the Montgomery County stone flooring that’s popular to the area include but aren’t limited to…

• Granite
• Soap Stone
• Limestone
• Travertine
• Slate
• And much more…

Each of these types of stone flooring options will bring a different appeal to your home. Our professional Montgomery County PA stone flooring specialist at Renaissance can help you choose the best options for the style and décor of your home, as well as the habits and needs of your family and household.

Montgomery County PA Carpeting

Many people prefer to have the plush feeling of carpet below their feet and therefore choose carpeting for their Montgomery County PA home, over the options mentioned above. Especially where cold rules the winters and falls in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, carpet can give your home a different sort of comfort that many people cannot be without.

Carpet is a great choice for some of the rooms of the home, especially the living areas, bedrooms, as well as hallways. At Renaissance Kitchen and Home, we’ve also seen it used quite successfully in kitchens and bathrooms. When choosing carpeting for a Montgomery County PA home, you’ll have to think about the members of your family, their habits, as well as the looks that your going for. The great options you’ll have in color and texture will also make your choice a bit more difficult. Therefore you’ll want to let our Montgomery County PA carpeting experts at Renaissance help you choose the best fit for you and your home.

Montgomery County PA Hardwood Flooring

When you choose hardwood flooring for your Montgomery County home, you’re choosing a timeless surface that can go with absolutely any décor in any room of the home. The natural look of wood floor, adds classic and cozy look and feel to your home that many people in your area of Montgomery County will absolutely love.

Our professional Montgomery County Pennsylvania hardwood floor experts have installed this type of flooring in many of the homes in your area, and the residents are never disappointed. That’s not to mention how overjoyed they often are at the return on investment on the resell value that the hardwood flooring earns them.

We’ll help you decide on the best type of hardwood flooring. There are various wood types that bring a whole different look and feel to your Montgomery County home including…

• Oak
• Ash
• Maple
• Tigerwood
• Sapele
• Hickory
• Cherrywood
• And more

Our experts at Renaissance will help you decide, and then our professional Montgomery County hardwood flooring installers come and set you up perfectly, and professionally.

Montgomery County PA Laminate Flooring

While many like the looks of hardwood flooring, admittedly it’s not in everyone’s budget. That’s okay, because the next option of laminate flooring for Montgomery County residents looks just as good. Laminate flooring is also easy to maintain and care for, and still looks incredible.

Our Montgomery County laminate flooring installers will walk you through the several varieties of laminate flooring at your disposal, and install it professionally for you so that you’ve got a brand new floor that you can be proud of.

Call Our Montgomery County Flooring Experts Now

At Renaissance we understand how difficult it can be to work through the various choices of flooring types and styles. For the past quarter century we’ve worked with many people in your area and helped them finally enjoy the flooring that they’ve always wanted for their home. We want you to experience that same joy.

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