Safety in the Kitchen is an Important Part of Every Day

Safety in the Kitchen is an Important Part of Every Day

You may think it’s elementary, but safety in the kitchen is an essential part of our everyday life. Here are a few kitchen safety tips to make sure you follow during your kitchen remodeling process.

With 40 guidelines for kitchen planning, the Kitchen and Bath Association has stressed the need for safety in the design and planning of kitchen spaces. When beginning a kitchen remodeling project, or bathroom renovations project for that matter, there are certain elements of design that must be adhered to.

1. Installing ground floor circuit interrupters on all receptacles in the kitchen.
2. Making sure a fire extinguisher is visibly located in the kitchen, away from cooking equipment and is 15″ to 48″ above the floor. Many people put the fire extinguisher on the back of the cooktop or in hard-to-reach places. This results in many range-related cooking fires.
3. If you have children, child-proof your cabinets by putting latches and hooks on all kitchen cupboards, especially ones that keep the cleaning supplies, chemicals, and fluids.
4. Try not to place cookies or candy over top of ranges. This will reduce the attraction of kids who will try to get these snacks without thinking about the consequences.
5. The cooking surface or cooktop in the kitchen should not be placed below an operable window unless the window is 3″ or more behind the appliance. Make sure the window does not have flammable window curtains or other window treatments. They could easily catch fire if a grease splatter occurs or if the cooktop is left unattended.

By following some of these simple guidelines during the renovation of your kitchen or bathroom, your new space can be a safe and relaxing place for you and your family.

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